Optimist is our "secret ingredient" in making good-looking, well-working websites super fast. It's a website management software we build ourselves, and use it to operate and maintain numerous websites.

With Optimist, the web browser essentially becomes the web editor, giving you all essential tools to rapidly grow, extend and modify your website. Optimist is currently only available for websites built by Round Ltd or by any of our partners. Our portfolio includes a variety of websites built on and operated using Optimist.

Optimist is built with web standards in mind. It is a content management system equipped with the latest and greatest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. What this means for you is less worry about what the future brings, better accessibility as well as optimization for search engines.

Optimist is hosted in Chicago, USA by Rackspace, the world's leading hosting provider. The efficiency and level of optimizations done on the low level infrastructure guarantee rapid response times for all websites hosted on Optimist around the globe.

Prices from €4 per month

Hosting your website with Optimist starts as low as €4 per month if you pay up to a year in advance. You can also pay for half a year and get €5 per month, or pay monthly and get €6 per month.

Prices include a hosting fee.

Paying yearly €4 / month
Paying for half a year €5 / month
Paying monthly €6 / month

If you're interested in Optimist or have more questions, simply drop us a note at: martin at round dot ee.